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some more old POVray

11.18.09 | 1 Comment

Some more old POVray renders from the vault.  These would have been rendered during 1998-2000.

Some flame fractals as hightfields:

flame_02 flamehf

For a while I was interested in making a curve geometry macro:


Some disk-packing tests (I remember making a grid-based partition scheme for speeding up neighbourhood tests, yet the second image took 21 hours to pack, before reaching the bailout! Ridiculous! povRAY sdl is very slow) :

hwdistributions3a hwdistributions3_reallyfine

Parameterised packing:


Isosurfaces. From memory, I think these are scaled and rotated voronoi structures:

lysque_01_04_iascmonthe_02_ lysque_01_04_iascmonthe

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